Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gr.1 – Nensebo (Washed)
– 250g – Traceability


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ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe Gr.1 – Nensebo (Washed) in Coffee Bean/ Ground Coffee.

Taste Note: Apricot, Citrus Jam and Honey

Roasting: Medium Roast

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Oromia – West Arsi Zone

Town / Municipality: Nensebo Anaa

Producer: Smallholders harmers around Melkamu’s mill

Farm Size: 10 hectares

Varietal: Ethiopia Heriloom & Kurume

Altitude: 2100 meter above sea level

Processing: Washed

Roasted Homogeneity: Excellent

Nensebo is truly a haven for coffee production, characterized by its abundance of hills, mountains, and rivers, encompassing the expansive territories of Herenna Forest and Bale National Forest.

Within the region, smallholder farmers deliver their fully ripened coffee cherries to the mill. There, the cherries undergo a meticulous process of washing and drying, taking approximately 36 hours under the sun on elevated African beds. The cherries are diligently rotated to ensure consistent drying and are carefully shielded during the hottest midday hours and the most humid nighttime hours, guaranteeing the proper completion of the drying process.

The combination of fertile red soil and lush forests in the area ensures the coffee beans develop an optimal mineral content, resulting in the production of coffee beans with exceptional flavors.

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– 250g – Traceability

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