Traditional Kopi-O

Traditional Kopi-O

A Taste of Nostalgia: The Old & Famous

Malaysian / Singaporean Traditional Kopi-O

Malaysian coffee culture emerged during British colonization in the 1800s. Many of the Chinese who migrated to Malaysia during this period worked for the British. It led to the introduction of Western cuisine and it wasn’t long until coffee and tea started appearing on the menu everywhere. Traditional Coffee Rosters wanted to add flavour to the coffee beans, that’s why sugar, margarine and salt are added during roasting. Traditional Kopi-O has been a part of Malaysian culture for almost a century.

Each single served packed Kopi-O bag is individually packed with Modified  Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) System by using state-of-the-art machinery from Japan. MAP can help preserve the aroma of the coffee for a very long period of time.