Coffee OEM & Private Label

Create Your Own Coffee Brand with Mister Coffee
Coffee OEM & Private Label

We are one of the leading coffee OEM manufacturers in Malaysia. Since 1982, we have created our own coffee brand known as Mister Coffee. As a coffee lover, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality coffee products to our clients around the region.

We constantly source the best coffee beans around the world and innovate our technology to produce the best coffee products. Being the world’s most consumed beverage, coffee is infused in everyone’s life and we are on a mission to contributing to the growth of the entire industry.

With our deep knowledge and expertise in the coffee industry, we have supported many businesses to create their own coffee brand through OEM or private labelling. Today, we are known as a complete coffee solution provider, being “The Brand behind Many Brands” to many coffee businesses.

41 Years of Excellence

Being the industry expert, we select the best coffee beans and roast it with sincerity to bring the sweet spot of it

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Preserved quality and aroma of the coffee with only less than 1% oxygen content in the packaging


Certified manufacturing processes and materials by Halal Professional Board, JAKIM

Roasted Coffee Beans

OEM Coffee

If you are a coffee lover like us and looking for a trustable coffee OEM partner to create your own brand, contact us!

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