62mm Senseo Coffee Pod - PodBrew™

PodBrew™ or 62mm Senseo Coffee Pod is specifically designed for compatibility with single-cup pod brewers such as Senseo Philips, Hamilton Beach or our very own Zest Pod Machine.

PodBrew™ or known as Soft Pod contains seven grams of untamped ground coffee to more flexibility when using in brewers with tight clearance and will result in a better extraction. Soft pods are made of paper and bio-degradable.

Each sachet of PodBrew™ is individually packed with Modified  Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) System by using state-of-the-art machinery from Europe to preserve the aroma of the coffee for a very long period.

Easily Brew Coffee At Home with Zest Pod Brewer


A French Design, Zest Pod Brewer allows coffee makers to brew a standardized quality of black coffee with a consistent result in a split-second by using 62mm Soft Pod (Senseo Coffee Pod).

✔ No Pre-heating Required
✔ Preset Volume Output
✔ Double Overheating Safety
✔ Excess Pressure Safety
✔ Minimum Space
✔ Easy Maintenance

How To Brew Great Coffee with PodBrew™

Pull out the water tank and fill it with clean water.

Twist the top cover to unlock the machine.

Insert the coffee soft pod into the pod holder (flat surface on the top).

Close the cover and lock it.

Place the coffee cup under the spout.

Press the brew button to start brewing. The machine will stop brewing automatically when it achieves the pre-set volume.

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