Coffee Bulk Brewer
for Hotels, Restaurants and F&B Businesses

Mister Coffee offers the top-notch coffee bulk brewer suitable for high traffic flow businesses such as restaurants, hotels, lounges and events.

Coffee Queen Original – M-2

Our appreciated, trusty workhorse is available with both manual and automatic water filling. The brewers have hotplates and the brewers with automatic water supply have electronic timers and a signal when the coffee is ready. The brewing volume, 4-12 cups, is easy to adjust at the front of the machine.


Coffee Queen Original – Mega Gold

Coffee Queen Mega Gold brews straight into an elegant 2.5 litre serving station (thermos) with tap and level indicator tube. Since no external heat is supplied, the coffee retains its excellent taste and aroma for a long time.


Coffee Queen Tower

Tower is a quick easy to use urn brewer with tea water outlet. With its high capacity and ease of use, it also makes coffee easy to serve at really large events.

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