MISTER® Coffee is one of the most advanced and innovative players in the coffee industry.  Our story began in 1982 when we began sourcing for the best coffee beans the world has to offer. As coffee lovers ourselves, we ensured every step taken in roasting our coffee beans were carried out with utmost sincerity, integrity and the highest quality standards.

We are well-known as a “coffee solution” to other businesses with many considering us to be “The Brand Behind many Brands”.

Today, we have become one of the largest family-owned coffee companies in Malaysia, having more than 25 million cups of coffee passing through our hands every year.

Being “The Complete Coffee Company”, we offer a wide range of coffee products, including coffee beans, coffee powder, traditional kopi-o, dripbrew, pyramidbrew, easybrew, coffee pods and instant beverages, delivering the consumer experience From Beans to Cups.

We also offer coffee machines and accessories to support the best brewing experience for our consumers

If you love our coffee, you can purchase our products online or retail stores.


Anyone can buy our products, regardless if you are:

  • An avid coffee drinker
  • A coffee hobbyist
  • A coffee beginner
  • A corporate or office
  • A HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe)
  • A kopitiam

We offer a wide range of products cater to your needs.

We have a roasting schedule almost everyday on different batches of coffee beans/blend. Some coffees are scheduled to roast once a month while some coffees are scheduled to roast several times a week. Our coffee beans are packed with M.A.P (modified atmosphere packaging). The oxygen residue inside the packet is less than 1% after 3 days from packing. You can be assured that the coffee beans remain fresh and stable when you get the coffee.

The expiry date of the coffee beans will be written at the back of the packaging. The roasting date is 2 years prior to the expiry date.

The substance you are seeing is the coffee chaff, which is a natural by-product after roasting. The chaff is a parchment-like layer in the center of a coffee bean that will look like a light tan color flake. When the beans are ground, the chaff will look like lighter specks scattered amongst the coffee. They are totally safe to brew. Depending on the type of grind size and grinder being used, it may sometimes appear to be more prominent.

There are mainly 2 reasons why your coffee tastes sour or acidic. It is because:


  • The character and coffee taste note you have chosen

We recommend you to contact us based on your preferred coffee taste note, so we can better advise you on other coffee selections that suit you.


  • The extraction and brewing process

You can fix the problem by controlling your flow rate to achieve better extraction. All you need to do is adjust and find your own golden coffee-to-water ratio, doses, grind size, brewing time, brewing temperature, and machine pressure.

Good reads! Here are 6-basic mechanics to help you in brewing Espresso:


To avoid your coffee from being stale, you must always clean your coffee equipment. Oftentimes, coffee can taste bad if your coffee equipment isn’t clean each time after brewing. Reason being is that the build-ups from the oils and coffee solids are still leftover from the previous process. Thus, adding stale aromas to your coffee.

If you are using an automatic drip coffee maker, please ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning it, including the showerhead element.

Our standard roast is medium to dark roast.

We have launched a loyalty program dedicated to all our supporters. On every RM1 you spend at our online store, you will be entitled to 1 point. You may use the points on your next purchase or keep them for a better reward in the future.

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Yes! If you are a coffee business owner (i.e. kopitiam, restaurant or cafe) or buying for the office use, we offer competitive and attractive pricing for your business needs. Talk to us at sales@mistercoffee.com.my or leave your information here. Our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

This policy only applicable to *selected coffee machine of Mister Coffee.

With more than 38 years of experience in the industry, we never stop producing top quality products to our customers. However, sometimes our products might not meet your expectations.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase of coffee machine, you may return it to us and request a full refund with no questions asked within 30 days from your purchase date.

Kindly follow the procedures below if you would like to request for a refund:

  1. Contact our customer support via Whatsapp (+60126622907) or Facebook (Mister Coffee Malaysia) or email to onlinestore@mistercoffee.com.my to request a refund.
  2. After the customer support representative responded to your request, kindly pack the machine into the original box that you have received and seal it properly.
  3. Mister Coffee will arrange a third party logistic service provider to pick up the machine from you (from your original shipping address)
  4. Once we have received the machine and inspected the condition of the machine, we will process your refund within three working days.

By purchasing this machine, the customer shall understand:

  1. The machine is compatible with Mister Coffee Podbrew/ Esebrew series or other same size coffee pods.
  2. The machine only brews coffee at a pre-set volume.
  3. There is an instruction video on Youtube and an instruction manual in the box.
  4. We will ship your machine with Skynet by default.

We will not be able to process your refund under the following conditions:

  • Damages or product failure due to improper handling or operation by the customer
  • Request after 30 days from your purchase date

Yes, we do offer OEM product to those business owners who are interested to create their own coffee brand. Contact us here to learn more!

If you are interested to buy our products for business use, you may visit our showroom for product introduction and testing.

Alternatively, you may visit our retail stores or any events that we are participating in.

However, we do not deliver free samples for any online purchases.

Yes, we do provide after-sales service. We keep stock of spare parts for the machines we imported for maintenance.

Kindly contact our salesperson or email us at sales@mistercoffee.com.my for further information

Kindly contact our salesperson or email us at service@mistercoffee.com.my for further information

The payment can be made through bank transfer or credit/debit card via Paypal.

For bank transfer, kindly transfer to:
Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad (MayBank)
Account number: 001048135199
Account name: MISTER COFFEE S/B

Kindly send the bank slip to us at online@mistercoffee.com.my along with your order ID. Alternatively, you may submit the bank slip here.

We do share new information and knowledge about coffee products from time to time on our blog. Check here!

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You may send us an email at sales@mistercoffee.com.my or contact us via a contact form.



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