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Jamaican Blue Mountain (18 pcs)


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Rich, silky smooth and well-balanced

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsule – On the majestic mountains of Jamaica grows the world’s finest coffee. High elevations, volcanic soil, and a gentle rainfall produces a deep flavor cultivated from the ideal Arabica bean. The smooth and delicate taste notes make it a rich, intense experience that is truly deserving to carry the name of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Suitable for all Nespresso Domestic Coffee Machine.

Compatible with: Essenza Mini, Inissia, Pixie, Essenza Plus, Citiz, Lattissima series and Creatista Plus

Taste Note: Rich, Silky Smooth & Well Balanced with virtually no bitterness. A complex taste with hints of chocolaty

Acidity: ★★★★
Body: ★★★
Bitterness: ★★★


Jamaican Blue Mountain is deemed as one of the best coffee in the world. Grown on the Blue Mountains of Jamaica Country, the coffee plant grows in volcanic soil which adds a fantastic flavour in the crop. The coffee goes through a rigorous quality control process to remove any defects and maintain its quality.

Prior to exporting to other countries, the coffee beans processed by each estate must be approved by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board and awarded a certificate that is globally protected by the Coffee Industry Regulation Act.

In the majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica grows the world’s finest coffee. At elevations higher than 2,000 feet above sea level, the rich soil and continuous rainfall combine to create conditions perfect for cultivating the world’s most distinguished brew, Wallenford® Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Famous for its rarity, perfect flavour, intense aroma and balanced taste, this unique coffee soothes the spirit and satisfies the soul.

Jamaica Blue Mountain is grown on the Blue Mountains of Jamaica Country, at the Carribean. It has the longest mountain range in Jamaica and the highest point of 2256m, thus not the easiest place to work coffee crops. The temperature of the bottom of the mountain can be as high as 27°C and 5°C at the top. The coffee plant grows in volcanic soil which adds a fantastic flavour in the crop. However, the unique growing condition causes the coffee crop to take ten times longer to harvest.

As compared to other coffee beans with ten times more harvest,  Jamaica Blue Mountain has a limited supply of approximately 4-5 million pounds a year. Japan imports about 80% of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees and the remaining are distributed to the rest of the world.

In general, Jamaican Blue Mountain has a complex taste with hints of chocolate. It is rich, silky smooth and well-balanced with virtually no bitterness. The coffee beans produce a clean taste with a mild pleasant sweetness.

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Jamaican Blue Mountain (18 pcs)

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