Facts About Jamaican Blue Mountain

Facts About Jamaican Blue Mountain

Jamaican Blue Mountain is not the usual coffee that is commonly seen in the market. It is rare, scarce and without surprise, expensive too. It is the dream of many coffee lovers to have a sip of it. Many coffee lovers consider Jamaican Blue Mountain as one of the best coffee in the world.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is grown on the Blue Mountains of Jamaica Country, at the Carribean. It has the longest mountain range in Jamaica and the highest point of 2256m, thus not the easiest place to work coffee crops. The temperature of the bottom of the mountain can be as high as 27°C and 5°C at the top. The coffee plant grows in volcanic soil which adds a fantastic flavour in the crop. However, the unique growing condition causes the coffee crop to take ten times longer to harvest

As compared to other coffee beans with ten times more harvest,  Jamaica Blue Mountain has a limited supply of approximately 4-5 million pounds a year. Japan imports about 80% of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees and the remaining are distributed to the rest of the world.

Despite that, Jamaican Blue Mountain goes through a rigorous quality control process to remove any defects and maintain its quality. The quality control process includes sorting, grading and cupping (or tasting). Once the beans are processed, they are graded manually according to size and hand-examined for defects by locals. 

Next, the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board must carry out a blind test to taste and approve the coffee beans processed by each estate before permitted for export. The board also sets strict guidelines on how beans are grown, harvested, processed and roasted. The authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee carries a certificate awarded by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board, which is globally protected by the Coffee Industry Regulation Act. Some of the most renowned old Jamaica Blue Mountain estates include Mavis Bank, Wallenford, Old Tavern, Moy Hall, and Silver Hill.

In general, Jamaican Blue Mountain has a complex taste with hints of chocolate. It is rich, silky smooth and well-balanced with virtually no bitterness. The coffee beans produce a clean taste with a mild pleasant sweetness.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Imported by Mister Coffee

Mister Coffee imports this incredible coffee beans from one of the best farms as listed above – Wallenford Estate.

Wallenford Estate is one of the major exporters of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. The history of Wallenford started in 1746 when a captain in the British Navy named Matthew Wallen sailed into Jamaica and pursued his interest as a botanist. Dedicated to his craft, he recorded over 400 varieties of ferns and grew coffee in the Blue Mountains. For over 250 years, dedicated farmers have cultivated Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in this area.

Wallenford has historically been the largest cultivator of Jamaican Blue Mountain. Currently, they control approximately 5,000 acres of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee land and operate across St. Andrew and Portland within the Blue Mountains. They own pulping factories which carry out the first stage of coffee processing.

Wallenford works closely with farmers and provides support as well as new knowledge to improve the harvest of crops, thus increasing the profitability of the farmers to support their families. They also provide the infrastructure for the local community. As a result, they achieve constant improvement in the quality of taste on the coffee produced.

Check out the video below if you are interested to know more about Wallenford Estate ↓↓↓

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