Espresso Pearl (500g)


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Cocoa, Hint of Tobacco

Acidity: ★
Body: ★★★★
Bitterness: ★★★★

GTIN: 9556420350023
Brand: Mister Coffee
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Taste Note: Abundant body, balanced aroma. A vigorous blend with the cessation of cocoa tobacco disposition.

Acidity: ★
Body: ★★★★
Bitterness: ★★★★

Roast Level: Medium – Dark

Bean Type: Arabica + Robusta Blend

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Image #1 from Malcolm Jitam
Image #1 from Malcolm Jitam

Malcolm Jitam

I got what I wanted.. something dark chocolatey, strong, low acidity.. none floral.. perfect as a milk coffee. Oops.. sorry, I had enjoyed it too much and my cup is low..

Image #1 from Malcolm Jitam
4.6 Rating
1-5 of 67 reviews
  1. Strong body, a little bit chocolatey. Nice beans and roast!

  2. Absolutely great coffee and great service. These are now our only coffee providers

  3. The coffee aroma make me feel good… Refreshing…

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