EseBrew Pearl (150 sachets)


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Cocoa, Hint of Tobacco

Acidity: ★
Body: ★★★★
Bitterness: ★★★★
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Brand: Mister Coffee
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Taste Note: Abundant body, balanced aroma. A vigorous blend with the cessation of cocoa tobacco disposition.

Acidity: ★
Body: ★★★★
Bitterness: ★★★★

Roast Level: Medium – Dark

Bean Type: Arabica + Robusta Blend

EseBrew™ (Easy Serving Espresso pod aka E.S.E. pod) is a small packed coffee pod with a paper filter covering for use in a non-grinding espresso machine such as our EPM Pod Brewer or other 44mm pod machines. Pod brewers allow many food and beverage servers to provide a standardized quality of espresso with repeatable results every time. EseBrew™ is individually packed with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) System by using state-of-the-art machinery from Europe. MAP can help preserve the aroma of the coffee for a very long period of time.

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  1. Good taste & aroma

  2. Better and cheaper than others

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