Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

The Best Coffee Solution for Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe and Offices


BlueDot Plus

BlueDot Plus is the new bean to cup coffee machine that enriches and widens the Ultra Coffee Service range to cater for the OCS, Horeca and CVS market segments. The new 7” touch screen display is extremely intuitive, customizable for an advanced, upgraded user experience.

The great flexibility and the many configurations are just some of its strengths: you can even fit two brewers (Espresso + FB) despite its compact size.

BlueDot Plus can be connected to the water supply in 3 configurations: internal water tank, direct water connection or both (Jolly solution).

Bigger size coffee and instant hoppers to reduce operations and make life easier are available as optional. BlueDot Plus, the perfect solution for your location!

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Armonia Soft Plus

Armonia Soft Plus is defined by a 7 inch touch screen display, completely customizable depending on the user demands.

Up to 30 drink selection can be loaded (max.10 per page), like coffee drinks, milk-based drinks, instant products and hot water. Users can upload movies, sounds or customised images per each single drink: Armonia Soft Plus is provided with loudspeaker. All machine parameters and settings are customizable and adjustable directly from the user interface.

Armonia Soft Plus is available in 2 models: Easy e LM, with many available configuration. Available also in Self configuration, perfect for offices and communities.

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Optima Soft Plus

Cutting-edge bean to cup coffee machine thanks to the new display touch screen. You can upload up to 30 drink selections, customizable both for product choice (coffee or milk-based drinks, instant, hot water) and for number (min.4 max.10 drink selections per page).

You can select the language and drink size (small, medium, large cup). Videos, customized images, sounds can be uploaded via USB connection. All in One Cleaning system is integrated to the machine: all cleaning operations are completely automatic to save time and cut down on operating costs. The operator takes only few minutes to start the cleaning.

Optima Soft Plus could be combined with A02 add-on-units line.

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BlueDot Power

Ideal for offices, mid-size hotel breakfast service.

Its adaptable machine configuration allows for customized beverages.

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Intelligent Technology

  • Intelligent pre-brewing system makes coffee more delicious.
  • Intelligent temperature control system results in more stable coffee quality.
  • Intelligent warning system designs for easier operation.
  • Intelligent cleaning system aims at simple maintenance.

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Dr. Coffee


The F11 from DR. COFFEE is the ideal coffee machine for small and medium-sized places. The concise and strong look well matches with the ceramic grinders and the dual-mode brewing system inside. This counter-top coffee machine will bring you fantastic experience and tremendous surprises.


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