Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Top Gr.2
(Washed) – 250g


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Citrusy with Notes of Stone Fruits and Rose

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Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Top Gr.2 (Washed) in Coffee Bean/ Ground Coffee.

Taste Note: Citrusy with notes of stone fruits and rose

Roasting: Medium Roast

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Sidamo

Municipality: Bensa

Town: Daye

Neighbourhood: Wuro Tebelo

Producer: 650 small scale producers of the Bensa Cooperative

Farm Size: 1300 Ha, average 2 hectares per family

Varietal: Arabica (Ethiopia Heirloom)

Altitude: 1850-2077 meter above sea level

Processing: Washed

Roasted Homogeneity: Regular

Sidamo region is in the Southern part of Ethiopia. It is well known for premium quality coffees which are cultivated in small mountain villages. Bensa is abundant in fresh water and has suitable climatic conditions for growing high-quality arabica coffee. Small-scale subsistence farming is prevalent in the region with most families grow a variety of crops on small plots of land, usually behind their homes.

Coffee trees are mostly shade-grown among other plants. Farming techniques are traditional and do not involve much use of technology. During harvesting, the coffee is transported to the mill in Bensa, where the beans are hulled and fermented in water tanks before being sun-dried on raised African beds.

Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Top Gr.2 (Washed) Specialty Coffee comes with a citrusy note and stone fruits, rose.


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