The F11 from DR. COFFEE is the ideal coffee machine for small and medium-sized places. The concise and strong look well matches with the ceramic grinders and the dual-mode brewing system inside. This counter-top coffee machine will bring you fantastic experience and tremendous surprises.

● Small water tank without tap water connection(F11)

● Small water tank with tap water connection(F11 Plus)

● Enlarged water tank without tap water connection(F11 Big)

● Enlarged water tank with tap water connection(F11 Big Plus)


White, Red, Black

● The pioneering brewing system can meet your need for both non-pressurized regular coffee and pressurized espresso.

● The innovative grinder with ceramic flat-type blades accurately grind the coffee beans into unified-size powder, bringing out the unique flavor of the coffee.

● The 7” touch panel is easy to use, direct and efficient, by which customized coffee is just at your fingertips.

● The combination of enlarged bean hopper, water tank and grounds container can easily cope with peak hour demand.

● Different ways of water supply and self-clean mechanism can deal with any occasions.

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