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Coffee Beverages
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  Coffee Beverages  
  Traditional Coffee (Kopi“O”, Kopi, Kopi“C”, Kopi Cham)  

Traditional Coffee is very common to be found in Malaysian style coffee shop. The beverage names are usually:

  • Kopi O (Coffee in Black)
  • Kopi (Coffee with sweetened krimmer)
  • Kopi “C” (Coffee with evaporated milk + sugar)
  • Kopi Cham (Coffee mixed with Black Tea)

Coffee Shop will use Traditional Coffee to prepare the above coffee beverages. These coffees usually have at least 3-5 times more mouth-feel than coffee prepared using 100% Coffee.

However, drinkers that prefer 100% Coffee will argue: Traditional Coffee is not that “pure” in the aroma.




  Espresso Base Coffee (Beverage/Drinks)  

Most of the popular coffee drinks that many people order in the modern cafe are espresso base coffee. These coffee drinks are having Espresso as their foundation to further develop to become what they are. Check out the drawings below to find our more!




  Soluble Coffee (Instant 3-in-1, White Coffee)  
  Literally, instant soluble coffee means all the coffee powder dissolve in water. Hence, there will be no coffee residue after making the cup of coffee. Instant coffee gets popular because of its convenience. Common instant soluble coffees in the market are usually pre-mix with “non-dairy creamer” and “sugar” for conveniences. Consumers just add hot water into the cup contains instant soluble coffee, and then they get a cup of hot steamy creamy coffee. *is instant soluble coffee comparable with “fresh coffee”?