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Soft POD and Espresso POD
  Soft POD and Espresso POD  
  What is Coffee Pods?  
  A Coffee Pod is pre-packed ground coffee in food grade filter paper in a special shape and size to be used in designated coffee machines or adaptors. Basically, there are 2 types of coffee pods:  
Soft Pod (to brew regular coffee)
Hard Pod a.k.a. Espresso Pod (to brew espresso coffee)
  Soft Pod  
  Ground coffee in Soft Pod is not pre-tamped and is thus in loose form. Soft Pod is for brewing of regular coffee. Regular coffee is akin to American-style drip coffee which is one of the most common types of brewed coffee enjoyed by many people daily. At Mister Coffee we offer many different coffee varieties to select from. Our Soft Pod is packed to international standards of 62mm type and 7gm. It fits into most soft pod machines available in the market.  
  Hard Pod (Espresso Pod)  
  Ground coffee in Hard Pod is pre-tamped thus its hard and compact shape. Hard Pod is for brewing of Espresso Coffee. Espresso Coffee is Italian-style concentrated coffee essential for Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, Caffe Macchiato etc. Our single-serve hard pod (espresso pod) is packed to international standards of 44mm type and 7gm.  



Soft Pod (Coffee Pod)


Hard Pod (Espresso pod)


Use with:

Soft Pod machine

Hard Pod machine


60 mm (width)

44 mm (E.S.E Standard)

To brew:

Regular coffee (like America style)

Espresso Coffee (Italian style)


Regular coffees usually serve with sugar, or creamer, or both, or sweetened condensed milk. Some even serve it just on its own to taste its original character.


Freedom of choice:

You can choose different blend of coffee to drink, anytime, anywhere.

*currently we have 6 different blends as shown on our website.

With Espresso as base, you able to develop (using steamer to froth fresh milk) other coffee drink such as Americano, cappuccino, latte and etc…


Note: without espresso as base, you hardly get a good cup of cappuccino etc…


Usually use only ONE signature blend to develop all the coffee drinks.


  1. When you and family members (in house) or you and colleagues or visitors (in office) prefer different coffee varieties.
  2. Anytime you want a fresh, hot cup without brewing a whole pot.
  3. When entertaining, you can offer each guest a cup of their favorite coffee.
  4. Or you want to have different coffee at different time during the day.
  1. Espresso lover
  2. Anytime you want a fresh, hot cup without brewing a whole pot.
  3. Typical café/bar/bakery that offering espresso based coffee. (e.g caffe latte, cappuccino, macchiato, con panna, mocha, affogato)