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How long does it take to prepare one cup of fresh-brewed coffee?  
It takes less than a minute to prepare a cup of coffee when the machine is ready. Before brewing the first cup, allow the coffee machine to will warm up for approximately 30 seconds.  
Will the coffee machine automatically turns off?  
Yes, if the machine is left idle (not in use) for approximately an hour, it will automatically turn off. However, we encourage that you to switch off the power plug point if you do not intent to use the machine for the rest of the day.  
My coffee is not hot. Why?  
We suggest that you run a one-cup brew cycle with an empty pod holder in place when first turning the coffee machine on. This will ensure the boiler is heated to proper brewing condition. Another suggestion is to rinse the cup or mug with hot water since porcelain material of the cup will “absorb” heat.  
Can I stop my coffee while it is still brewing?  
Yes, you can stop the coffee from brewing before it reaches its pre-set volume. Just simply press the brewing button again and the brewing process will stop. However, we recommend to brew at the pre-set volume as it gives you the best result for the coffee as well as pro-long the durability of the machine.  
What is the difference between Soft Pod Machine and a traditional drip-brew coffee machine.  
Soft Pod machine is to be used with Soft Coffee Pod. Soft Pod machine uses mild pressure and a special spray head to brew an optimal balanced coffee. Because of its mild pressure, it makes a cup of aromatic and full flavor coffee in less than a minute!  
Can I use other coffee pod in my soft pod coffee machine?  
Yes, you can use other coffee pods in your soft pod coffee machine provided the coffee pod is of the same standard size as our coffee pod.  
What happens if the water runs out while I am brewing coffee?  
Simply add more water to the reservoir. You may need to change a new cup and a new pod.  
Why the on/off button keeps blinking when I turn on the machine?  
The button keeps blinking to indicate that it is warming up its heating element. It takes about 30 seconds for the machine to be ready.  
Why the on/off button keeps blinking after I press the brewing button?  
The button keeps blinking to indicate it is heating up its element when it is not hot enough. It takes not more than 5 seconds. This is automatically, and you do not have to press any button.  
What should I do if I see no flow of water/coffee?  
Check that the water reservoir is hooked and fits properly at the back of the machine. Also ensure that there is fresh water in the water reservoir.  
I faced a problem where I need to push harder to close the lid, why?  
You have to correctly position the coffee pod. The flat surface of the pod must be placed facing up once you put it into the pod holder. Also/or, you have to correctly position the pod holder into the machine.  
Are sugar and/or creamer all in the coffee pod?  
No. Coffee Pods contain only ground coffee derived from 100% coffee beans and roasted without addition of any foreign ingredients to retain the original flavor of coffee, thus giving you more control over your own coffee preparation and serving preference. Serve it as you like or prefer.  
Is Mister Coffee - Coffee Pod any difference from the others?  
In terms of quality, we use only the best selection of beans of the Liberica, Arabica & Robusta variety. We have a variety of blends available to cater for your taste, find the one you like most ~ better still try it all !  
Can I reuse a coffee pod to make a second cup of coffee?  
We strongly do not recommend this. The second cup of coffee will be much weaker than the first cup. All the “good flavors” of the coffee are already in the first cup.  
Where is this Mister Coffee - Coffee Pod manufactured?  
The coffee pod is manufactured in Malaysia utilizing imported machines and technology from Italy and Germany and conforming to international standards and specifications. Therefore, in terms of price and quality, with Mister Coffee - Coffee Pods you get value for money due to its very attractive and competitive pricing as compared to our contemporaries in the markets.  
What is the shelf life of the coffee pod?  
The shelf life is 1 year and the expiry dates are printed on every foil pouch (sachet).