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  Pack as Whole Beans  

Need to be grinded before use. We recommend to grind only the amount and at the time required.




  Pack as Ground Coffee  

Powder/ground coffee is ready to be brewed anytime. It is suitable for all coffee brewing plungers and most conventional coffee brewing machines. All you have to do is control the right amount of coffee and water to ensure thickness and sweetness of your brewed coffee!




  Pack as Coffee Bag  

A convenient way in making your favorite coffee! It is coffee powder packed in food grade filter paper for your convenience so you do not need to filter your coffee manually. Add sugar or/and milk to serve.




  Pack as Coffee POD  

Espresso POD (Hard Pod)

Coffee Pod (Soft Pod)

A Coffee Pod is pre-packed ground coffee in food grade filter paper in a special shape and size to be used in designated coffee machines or adopters. Basically, there are 2 types of coffee pods:

1. Soft Pod (to brew regular coffee)
2. Hard Pod a.k.a. “Espresso Pod” or “E.S.E POD” (E.S.E = Easy Serving Espresso)


Why Choose Coffee Pod?