About Us


Our story began in 1982. We started initially with the main focus of coffee roasting and promulgating the best in coffee consumption via quality, sincerity and integrity.

As time passes by, the same unwavering philosophy has indeed driven us into our current position of being one of the most advanced and innovative player in the market. We are specializing in B2B sales (supply coffee into many shops or business users). Meanwhile, we also offer OEM/private labeling service to numerous brands in the market. Hence, many also considered us as the brand behind the brands!

Today we are one of the largest family-owned coffee companies in Malaysia, with more than 25 million cups of coffee passes through our hands every year!


Our Culture


At Mister Coffee, you won’t really hear we talk about our mission or vision. To us, that’s too corporate speaking. We talk more about values, expectations, and sharing!

We share our experiences and ideas that feed your coffee soul.

Our core values including:

I. Quality
II. Sincerity
III. Innovation
IV. Responsible
V. Listen
VI. Develop
VII. Fun & Passionate



Why Choose Mister Coffee?



At Mister Coffee, our coffee is where the art & science combined together. Crafting and creating the taste and harmony of various coffees is the Art, to repeat the quality is Science.

Green Coffee (unroasted) is processed from coffee berries, which grow on trees, hence its quality may subject to the soil and climate from places to place, from years to years. With our decades of experience, we create the roasts that bring out the full potential of that coffee (art), and repeating that quality batches after batches (science).

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